Customers are seeking convenience, which is the primary reason why food deliver companies have recently become quite popular, helping restaurants diversify business and increase revenue. If you see food delivery as good for business, you may have wondered how to get into it without being duped or losing money. You may also have wondered which food delivery company will fit into your values, business and brand.

The following are 5 of the top factors to consider before choosing a delivery partner;

  1. Do they Deliver an Experience that Matches your Brand?

You may not have direct interaction with the customer receiving the delivery, but you still want to leave them with an experience of satisfaction. For this reason, it is important to take the time to research the deliver companies you are considering. Establish customer satisfaction rates and determine if they made deliveries on time. Other aspects you should pay attention to include how they train their delivery staff and how they hand disputes when they arise.

  1. Determine if Delivering Meals Will Be Profitable or Not

It may seem obvious, but you should take the time to determine delivering meals to your customer will eat into your profits. To sufficiently make this determination, you will need to consider the commission percentage that the delivery companies you have charge. Keep in mind that the charges may vary depending on whether your restaurant is located in a densely or sparsely populated.

  1. Is Your Restaurant Ready to Handle Deliveries?

Most customers value speed of delivery over any other factor with many not willing to wait for more than 60 minutes. It is therefore a good idea to take the time to optimize your packaging and processes to ensure that you can meet this speed requirement. The biggest question to ask yourself is can food be ready to be collected by your delivery partners in a way that will not adversely affect your processes.

  1. Make Sure Data is Tracked Correctly

The delivery partner you choose will keep track of data in regards to how many times they deliver from your restaurant to customers. Ensuring that you choose a company that keeps accurate data of these deliveries is the only way you can determine of the delivery business has any return on investment. This data may even help you further enhance customer experiences.

  1. Don’t Commit Long-Term

A good idea would be to have contracts with many delivery partners. You would do this in order to spread the risk so that you are covered in case one fails to make the deliveries for any reason. You should also not be afraid to drop a delivery service when they fail to meet your expectations or those of your core customer base.

It is important to consider all these options to ensure that you are choosing the best to deliver your meals. Delivery may broaden your customer base and increase profits but only if it is done right.

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