Social Media influencers can provide the perfect strategy to getting noticed. They are engaging marketers who have a commanding influence over their followers. This makes them one of the most ideal marketing avenues when launching a restaurant. But how do you use social media influencers to get your restaurant noticed in a competitive market? The following tips should help;

  1. Choose Authenticity

When choosing a social media influencer to help launch your restaurant, it is important to find influencers who are honest, real and above all passionate. Choose a person who is aware of what you represent and reflects your values. This will make it easier to work with the person. It is also important that the influencer you choose have genuine excitement about your brand and not just in it for the potential paycheck.

  1. Work with a Group of Influencers

There are different types of influencers. There are those who command a huge following and therefore charge higher prices and there are those who have smaller but engaged and dedicated communities. If your budget permits, you want to use both since the former will bring reach and awareness and the latter will bring passion. If your budget is big enough, consider a celebrity as part of your influencer group.

  1. Think Longer Term

Launches are often a short-term affair but for sustainability and to keep the conversation going you want to establish a long-term partnership with the influence you choose. It may even be a good idea to develop a program that will run for weeks or months after the launch. Influencers prefer these long-term associations since they are seen as more authentic for their personal brand. Knowing that, remember to go into a partnership with any influencer from a position of strength; they need you just as much as you need their bran.

  1. Don’t Try to Control Them

Understand that an Influence knows their audience better than you do. It is therefore important to trust them to now the kind of content to post and the frequency. While you should have a contract in place to ensure that you are on the same page when it comes to issues like event attendance, you don’t want to get in the way of what your Influencer does best. You chose them because they know what they are doing, letting them do it will be beneficial to both of you.

Above all you must remain true to your brand. Everything you choose for your new restaurant will have to fit into the theme that is your brand, even your influencer. Do not be tempted to choose an influencer simply because they have a huge following. Make sure that their message and content fits into your general brand and then check how many followers they have. Choosing large following over brand may lead to awareness, but the wrong people will be aware of your business which could be detrimental to your long-term credibility.

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