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One of the most essential components of food service, you’ll never see a catered event that doesn’t have at least some form of glassware. The pieces of glassware that you choose to serve beverages at your event have to be indicative of the event style and theme. That is true of every aspect of your event including the furniture. But it is the tableware and glassware that people will be in most contact with and therefore the most memorable part of any event, apart from good entertainment.

You should therefore be very careful the glassware you choose for your event as it is a statement of the service at the event. Aside from the theme, other factors also contribute to the type of glassware you choose. One of those factors is the type of service.

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As long as beverages are being served, glassware will be a prominent feature of your event. But the style of glassware you choose always depends on the type of food service at the event. For example, casual dining will require very different glassware from formal dining and bar service. There are times when all two or more food service types can overlap and you find yourself needing more than one type of glassware. For example, wedding may require glassware for formal dining as well as various kinds of glassware for bar service.

It is also important to be clear about the number of glasses that are needed at the event. Unfortunately, the number of glassware pieces that you need may not be as easy to calculate as simply counting the number of guests to attend the event. That’s because depending on the type of event, guests are likely to order a second glass of wine or liquor.

To get enough glassware pieces at your event, you must consider the cleaning system you have. How long does it take for the dirty glasses to be washed and set back on the rack for use. This will help you order the right amount of glasses for your guests to prevent a shortage while serving.

Getting a Wide Variety of Choices

Now that you have determined the number of glassware pieces you’re going to need for your event to go smoothly, it is time to get the glasses you need. At Hospitality Hire, we make it our business to stock only the latest in glassware for your selection. Since we understand exactly what you need to effectively serve beverages at your event and we’ve got it all.

From wine glasses, cocktail glasses, tumblers, champagne flutes and many more, each of our glassware pieces is selected from the highest quality to ensure you get only the best. Armed with a list of the beverages and drinks you’ll be serving at your event, you can check out our catalogue and select the glassware you need. Remember to order slightly more than you need to avoid shortages during service.

Your questions are always welcome. Simply use the contact form to let us know what you need and we’ll be sure to find it for you.

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