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Of the many things you have to pay attention to when catering to an event or opening a new restaurant, the most prominent is the furniture. Depending on the type of event you are catering or planning, the sizes and kinds of furniture you need can vary quite a bit. But the single most important factor to consider for both restaurants and events is the quality of the furniture you want to use.

One of the most important things you’ll think about when it comes to furniture for a restaurant or event is the cost. You want pieces that make a statement of the quality of your restaurant or event without over tasking your budget. If you are an event planner, it would make more sense to hire the furniture you need as you need it.

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Whether you are renting or buying new furniture, several aspects go into selecting the perfect furniture for your restaurant or event. Perhaps the most crucial of these factors is matching your furniture to the décor of the event or restaurant. For a restaurant that can often mean matching the furniture to the menu since most restaurants specialize on a particular menu. For the event, for example a wedding, this often means choosing furniture that matches the color scheme or theme of the wedding.

While matching the theme is important, it is equally as important to ensure that the furniture you choose is both functional and comfortable. The last thing you need is uneven, uncomfortable furniture that your clients will find hard to use. Events like wedding and corporate luncheons often involve long meals with the attendees having to sit through the entire event. It is therefore important that the furniture be inviting and comfortable.

Another factor to consider is who is coming to the event or restaurant. For instance, if your event is family friendly and you expect kids, consider making some of the furniture child-friendly. Your clients will thank you for taking the time to think of every situation and that will mean more business for you.

Our Selection Offers a Solution

At Hospitality Hire we understand how difficult it can be to find all the furniture you need in on place. It can be so difficult that some choose to have the furniture custom made. That can be a very long and not to mention expensive route to take to get the furniture you need.

But with 20 years of experience in the hotel and catering industry, you can be sure that we know what we are doing. That’s why our catalogue contains only the kind of furniture we know you would need to make your restaurant or catering business a success. From out catalogue, you can choose exactly the kind of furniture you need. We stock only the highest quality furniture and diversify our collection to ensure you can always find the right fit for any event.

Contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for and we’ll be glad to help.

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