12 Inch Oval Flat/ Salver

12 Inch Vegetable Dish Stainless Steel

12 Inch Vegetable Dish Stainless Steel Lid

16 Inch Oval Flat/ Salver

16'' Stainless Steel Oblong Tray

16'' Stainless Steel Round Tray

22 Inch Service Flat/ Salver

28 Inch Oval Flat/ Salver

Black melamine salad bowl 8"

Black Non-slip bar tray 16"

Bunn 5.7l Airpot Coffee

Butter Dish Plain White

Cafeteria Tray

Cake Slice

Cake Stand Round - Medium

Cake Stand Square

Canape Slate

Chaffing Dish 1/1 GN

Chafing Dish Oblong

Chinese Spoons White 5.25''

Coffee Percolator 100 Cup

Dipping Plate - 3 sections

Filter Coffee Machine

Gravy / Sauce Boat

Large Wicker Basket

Libby Champagne Flute

Milk Jug Plain White

Milk Jug stainless steel 10floz

Pour and Serve Coffee Machine

Ramekin 70mm

ramekin 80mm

Salad Tongs - Stainless Steel

Salt and Pepper Shaker

Salt & Pepper Mill Set

silver service / bar tray

Small Bread Basket

Soup Tureen & Ladle

Stock Pot and Lid

Sugar Bowl

Tall White Freezer

Tall White Fridge

Tea / Coffee Pot 40 oz

Tea Pot Ceramic

Tea Pot Stainless Steel

Thermal Beverage Jug Black 64oz

Thermal Beverage Jug White 64oz

Three Tier Cake Stand

Water Boiler Electric

Wedding Cake Knife

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